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Does TimeStation offer a COVID-19 Screening Tool?

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2020
Yes. When using an Apple iPad, TimeStation has the ability to present a COVID-19 questionnaire when employees check-in.

You can try the questionnaire here.

To enable the COVID-19 screening tool, login to your TimeStation account then go to "Settings" and select "Enable COVID-19 Screening"

To view employee answers to the COVID-19 questionnaires, go to "Reports" and select the report "COVID-19 Screening Responses"

If you'd like the questionnaire customized for your organization, please eMail us with following details:

1) Title of the questionnaire
2) List of questions to ask (Answers must be "Yes/No")
3) Message when all answers are "No"
4) Message if any answer is "Yes"

  • The COVID-19 screening tool only supports the Apple iPad with TimeStation version 1.7 or higher
  • The COVID-19 screening tool requires an Internet connection.
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